Classes at Cleveland Yoga Little Italy

Looking for yoga classes? Cleveland Yoga Little Italy is a Baptiste Yoga Affiliate studio.

What is Baptiste Yoga?

Baptiste Yoga is defined as a “a potent physical yoga practice and active self inquiry are used as tools. We encourage participants to claim their full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion, create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities.

Why is this good?

  • Your body will become strong and flexible
  • Your mind will receive a much-needed break from day-to-day stresses.
  • Every level of yoga student can enjoy our classes.

Discover why Northeast Ohio yoga practitioners make Cleveland Yoga Little Italy an integral part of their busy lives.

Come yoga journey with us!

We are proud to bring Baptiste Yoga to University Circle and Little Italy, both thriving Cleveland neighborhoods.

Our Little Italy studio offers an intimate, safe, and comforting environment that allows your heart and mind to open.

  • We believe in proper alignment and safety.
  • Classes are built from a Vinyasa flow.
  • Focused on creating a  “one breath one movement” cadence for your mind and your body.

Yoga Classes Offered:

Our classes are a moving meditation, they are rooted in inquiry, and the physical practice will lead to transformation!

We were all new to the practice at one time, even our teachers.  Our classes are challenging, yet accessible.  Be patient with yourself, as your strength will build the more you practice.

Power Vinyasa

Our power vinyasa classes are rooted in the teachings and style of Baron Baptiste and the Journey into Power sequence.

These are our core classes at Cleveland Yoga Little Italy. Our skilled teaching staff offers skill-building and modifications as needed.  All levels are invited!

  • This class will be powerful, engaging and sweaty
  • Make sure you bring a towel and a willingness to do the work
  • The pace is energetic, but accessible to all

Power Vinyasa Basics

These classes are similar to Power Vinyasa, but with more cueing from the instructor and a slower pace.  The teacher carefully accesses the class for skill level, and makes recommendations accordingly.  This is a great class if you are new to the studio or to the practice.

Slow Burn

This class is a student favorite and is a slower version of power vinyasa.  Longer holds in poses and a slower pace results in a unique challenge and a dive into true moving meditation.

Teachers may get more creative in sequencing to offer the most dynamic slow burn experience.  The slower pace does not mean less sweat, so bring your sticky mat and a towel to this practice.

Slow Flow

Sometimes we all need to slow down.  Our slow flow classes do offer a challenge, but at a smoother pace.  You will also spend more time in deep stretches, which the heat of the studio will enhance and ease.

Under the careful guidance of our skilled staff, you will experience a flow that will revitalize your body and your soul.  It’s a perfect complement to a regular power vinyasa practice, intense cardio/strength workouts, or a stressful week.



We welcome you to start your practice here at Cleveland Yoga Little Italy!