Yoga Tips and Etiquette

Yoga Studio Etiquette

Commit to Making Yourself Good, The Community Good, Your Teacher Good, And The Studio Good.

View our updated studio policies and procedures HERE before arriving at the studio for your first class.  Some of our procedures and protocols have changed due to COVID-19.

  • If it’s your first visit to our studio, please arrive early to meet your teacher and get settled.
  • Please bring a mat, we are not renting mats at this time due to Covid.  We have mats available for purchase.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for class, as opposed to as class is starting. Arriving late can be disruptive to other students. If you do arrive late, please tiptoe into the space and set your mat down quietly.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the studio.
  • Leave your phone and your valuables locked in your car. Our cubbies are in a public hallway and not always supervised by staff.
  • Wear clean, breathable and comfortable clothes to practice.
  • Before class, avoid eating strong foods like garlic or onion.
  • Please refrain from smoking prior to class. 
  • This practice creates sweat. Please wipe up the area around your mat for the next yogi. No one likes to step in it!
  • Please put your blocks and straps away after class, and wipe down your blocks for the next person.
  • Your energy supports those around you. Speak in quiet tones, and always being mindful of those around you.
  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to neighbors and teachers!
  • The last pose in any class is Savasana, or resting pose. Savasana is essential to your practice. If you need to leave class early, please do it before savasana.