Suggestions for Beginner Yogis

Tips for First-Time Yogis

Our teachers are experienced in offering support and modifications for new students.

Many of our Cleveland Yoga Little Italy classes are populated with students of all levels.

  • Feel free to look around the room if you are new to get a sense of the shape of the poses.
  • Don’t be afraid to just jump in, remember all yoga practitioners have been brand new at some point. We have all been there!

If you are new to the practice, set up your mat in the center of the room so you can see both students in front of you and behind you (when you are in forward folds or downward facing dog).

After a few classes, you’ll be confident enough to tackle the practice on your own!

Cleveland Yoga Little Italy offers a Basics Workshop.

This workshop focuses on breaking down the poses of the Baptiste Journey into Power sequence, especially the poses that tend to repeat.

  • The workshop SLOWS down the flow
  • The teacher will spend about 10 minutes on each pose
  • This allows you to see the pose AND experience the pose in your own body in a supportive environment.

Another option for beginners is to take a private lesson with a Cleveland Yoga Instructor. Do it alone or grab a friend or two for a small group private lesson.