Why Participate in a 40 Days to a Personal Revolution Program?

We are living in a world where there is an addiction to immediacy.  We can pick up our phones and literally have the world at our fingertips.  Instant gratification has become the norm.

Even with all of this technological advancement, we are more disconnected than ever.  Even the “experts” are saying this. I have a teenage son, and the statistics on anxiety in teens is alarming.  Are we truly present and connected, or just rushing to the next quick fix?

The easy way is to blame situations or people for our dis-ease and drift from our truest selves.  The tougher work is to journey through the self; how am I contributing to and being in creation of, my own life?

The 40 days program is a wake up call to how you are showing up in the world.  What absolute truths do you live by, and are they really true?

My personal take away from being both a participant and a leader in this program is that something new opened up for me each time.  A challenge to an absolute belief, a shift in the way I approach an important relationship, the ability to recover and rebound more quickly from disappointments, and the confidence to show up in my own life in a powerful way.

The program is a commitment to 40 days of:

  • Moving your body (yoga practice)
  • Sitting with yourself (meditation)
  • Connecting with a community of people (inquiry discussions).
  • Exploring your inner dialogue (journaling and reading Forty Days to a Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste)
  • Being mindful about what you put in your body

I am a big believer in this program, because I have lived it myself.  “Life changes when you decide to live in inquiry.”

Won’t you join me? LET’S DO THIS