Welcome to Cleveland Yoga Little Italy

Cleveland Yoga Little Italy is a Baptiste Affiliate Studio located in the heart of University Circle in the Little Italy neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. We are an inclusive and diverse community…and we can’t wait to meet you!

Be up to something bigger than yourself….

The practice of Baptiste Yoga opens up new pathways and possibilities in your life. Asana, Meditation, and Inquiry are the 3 practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga. At Cleveland Yoga Little Italy, you will experience a practice that is athletic, challenging, AND accessible.

Disrupt the Drift

Today’s society sends the message that we are not enough.  That we need more.

More knowledge, more friends, more stuff, more money, more social media exposure….the list goes on.  We drift along from day to day disconnected from ourselves.

A regular yoga practice can uncover what, inside, you already know.  Everything you need is right here.  There is nothing to fix.  A regular yoga practice creates the quieting of the mind, the opening of the heart, and the revelation of our truest selves.

Wouldn’t it be outstanding to show up in the world just as you are?

Asana: Experience the physical practice of Baptiste Yoga

Meditation: Learn the beauty of just sitting with yourself and allowing your mind to take a rest

Inquiry: New possibilities will be discovered when you ask the tough questions and live your life in inquiry.

Heated Power Yoga at Cleveland Yoga Little Italy

Workshops & Events